Meet chad


Chad Quick manages the pastoral care department at Bethesda North Hospital and has been a hospice chaplain for more than 15 years. He is a United States Marine Corps veteran with degrees in both Philosophy and Divinity. He lives in Union Township with his wife of 29 years and enjoys travel, reading, playing guitar and visiting with his grown children. 

Service and leadership are a way of life for Chad and he looks forward to bringing his skills and vision to Union Township as a trustee.

Servant Leadership

Chad has served in the military and in the ministry.  Now he’s ready to serve the local community.

My Priorities as a Union Township Trustee

Spur Economic Growth

  • Create finance and infrastructure to support local businesses and small business startups
  • Provide incentives to keep businesses local
  • Spur economic growth that serves the future of Union Township in development and improvement

Build a Livable Community

  • Support police, fire and first responders by providing the right training, staff, equipment and mental health services
  • Develop a sustainable design that puts an emphasis on livability and walkability in Union Township while maintaining a suburban feel
  • Improve the aesthetics and provide a plan for development for the 32 corridor
  • Support our local Library
  • Create community through engagement and collaboration with residents